About Us

The Company

Operating since 1983, Mercantile Produce Brokers Private Limited is a tea brokering company that has grown progressively by ways of linking the producers of high-quality Ceylon Tea to potential buyers in the country. Ensuring the quality of tea, bidding for the best price, adhering to sound financial policies which would benefit the parties involved and upholding the time-honoured practices of a Tea Broker are few of the many services we offer.

Since its inception, the organization has come to be known as a forerunner in the field, bringing together both buyers and sellers to a common platform in competitive market situations. Over three decades of operations saw many changes both structurally and technologically, with the company establishing itself as a key player in the marketing of low and mid grown teas. It has also entered the corporate and smallholder grower sector with high rates of success. Having gained immense expertise in the field, we’ve been able to strategize and forecast favourable situations, which has led to a significant value addition to this national crop.

One of its main areas of service includes tea warehousing which allows many high-end tea estates to store their produce in well-equipped and technologically advanced facilities. Today the company has completed over 30 valuable years of operation as a licensed tea broker, armed with a team of highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals who strive to take it to greater heights. An indomitable combination of competent staff, industry expertise, and great leadership,  this is the philosophy of Mercantile Produce Brokers Private Limited.

Board of Directors
Mr. Samantha Dodanwela – Managing Director

Mr. Samantha Dodanwela currently serves in the capacity of Managing Director/CEO and counts over twenty-five years of invaluable experience in Tea Brokering. His technical expertise in Tea Tasting and Tea Auctioning has helped immensely in delivering a stellar service to our valued clients. He also serves in the Executive Committee of the Colombo Tea Traders' Association and in the Tea Tasting panel of Sri Lanka Tea Board.

Previously he served as the Vice Chairman of Colombo Brokers’ Association and the Interim Chairman.

Mr. Ramesh Rayappan – Director / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ramesh Rayappan currently serves in the capacity of director /CEO and he worked as a auctioneer /broker, tea taster and valuer over 25 years of experience in the tea trade. He severed as a director of Barleet Produce Marketing for a period of 12 years prior to joining Mercantile.

During his career he has held appointments as board director of Colombo Broker Association 2017 to 2019, committee member of Ceylon chamber of commerce for the year 2018/2019 and panel member, Sri Lanka Tea Board.

He was successfully completed Master of business administration (MBA) at Cardiff Metropolitan University of United Kingdom in 2014. He is a Certified professional marketer (CPM), Asia since 2015. Member of Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM). He also completed the Post graduate diploma Marketing/ Chartered Institute of Marketing – UK in December

Mrs. Kushani Daluwatte De Silva – Executive Director/COO

Mrs. Kushani Daluwatte De Silva serves as the Executive Director/COO and is the second Lady Tea Auctioneer in Sri Lanka. She joined the tea trade at a time when there was a long lapse of females in the capacity of tea brokers in the country, commencing her career as a tea taster in the year 2000. She has contributed a magnificent seventeen years of priceless service to the tea industry.

She holds a Master of Business Administration from University of Southern Queensland Australia, a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Finance from the Chartered Institute of Accountants in Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) and a Higher National Degree in computing from ICBT Campus.

Mr. Ishan Goonetileke – Director Tea

Mr. Ishan Goonetileke joined the tea trade in the year 1989 and swiftly climbed the corporate ladder proving his worth to the industry. He has also served as the interim convener, of the tea sub-committee of the Colombo Brokers’ Association during the period of 2015/2016. He presently serves as a Director of the company. Completing a period of over a decade and a half, he has well-honed his skills in all areas pertaining to the tea industry.

Mr. Vishana Madawela – Director Tea

Mr. Vishana Madawela serves in the capacity of Director – Tea, responsible for the company’s Tea – Tasting, Valuing, and Marketing of mainly Low grown teas. With an impressive service of over seventeen years in Tea Brokering, his expertise in Tea Auctioning and Tasting is a huge leverage in delivering a high-quality service to the tea industry.

Mr. Chaminda Senaviratne – Director Finance

Mr. Chaminda Senaviratne is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Colombo. He has over 10 years of experience in financial reporting and management across different industries. He is also a Director of Tangalla Bay Hotels (Pvt) Ltd.

Mr. Lahiru Botheju – Director

Mr. Lahiru Botheju started his career in 2002 as a management trainee/tea-taster at Forbes and Walkers. He gradually excelled his skills in selling/ tasting/valuing and manufacturing with the vision of becoming a key role player in the tea industry. He became an executive in LCBL and then became a manager and served in the capacity at both Bartleet and CTB. With his proven worthiness to the industry and due to the impressive service, he rendered, he was offered an opportunity to re-join Bartleet as per-pro and then climbed the corporate ladder to the point of becoming director.

Presently he serves in the capacity as director- tea, marketing & manufacturing at MPBL. Mr. Botheju carries 19 years of experience in tea brokering and he is knowledgeable in all category teas, but specialized in low grown teas.