As a national crop, and a steady foreign exchange earner, Sri Lanka is synonymous with ‘tea’. Widely known as the Colombo Tea Auctions, dubbed the single largest auction in the world, we strive to bring great value to this crop by setting the bar high and encouraging both buyers and sellers. At our organization, we’ve mastered the art of wholesale-marketing some of the finest crops at very competitive prices.

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training ontea tasting

To have acquired the skills of a tea-taster is, in fact, a great skill indeed.

Tea tasting is the process in which a trained individual distinguishes the quality of the tea. Simply, it is he who decides the final product that must reach the end user. Climate, manufacturing process and other factors which may alter the taste of the crop calls for a skilled person to determine which is the most appealing and high-earning type.

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One of the most important aspects of the whole process is warehousing. Some suppliers might find it difficult to find secure facilities to store their crop within close proximity to auctioning locations.

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advice on teamanufacturing

Having seen it all from the formulation of the crop, as a seedling until it is in the market, we are glad to take potential customers through the best investment options, and familiarize you with the modern and efficient methods of manufacturing.

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