One of the most important aspects of the whole process is warehousing. Some suppliers might find it difficult to find secure facilities to store their crop within close proximity to auctioning locations. As such, we undertake the responsibility of storing the crop. The tea warehouse facility is located in Enderamulla within close proximity to the port in a safe and secure environment. Our facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and skilled man power to handle large quantities of the crop at any given time. With a massive storage capacity of 4,200,000kg, our Enderamulla warehousing facility is ideal for small and large scale producers.

What’s most attractive about our warehousing facility is that suppliers may conveniently accept tea deliveries and make issues with minimal hassle. We also undertake the safe transporting of tea from seller to buyer. The stores operate during normal working hours as a means of safeguarding the crop but can also be arranged to accept deliveries and issue crops in special cases on short notice as well.